Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reader's Mailbag

I apologize in advance for the graphic nature of one of the photos in this posting. It's gross, but I can't imagine anything that would illustrate my point better.
Q:"Why don't you guys ever run pictures about Conservative Pundit Glen Beck? He's the dreamiest!" ~ Mr. Geoffrey Lam Sung, Phx, AZ.
A: Dear Geoff, the primary reason is because Beck reminds me of the following tattoo...I mean, really people. We can all turn away from this photo and say, 'that was disgusting in a not really very funny way. It's bad enough knowing this tattoo exists. Do we really have to be shown it?' This is how I feel about Glen Beck.
Q: Mr. David Luigi of Albuquerque New Mexico asks "Hey, If you guys are so smart, why you don't live and work in Memphis anymore?"
A: I'm not sure. But I bet there's a pretty good reason.Oh, Yeah. That's it.

Until next time, folks. Oh, and don't be a mailbag.


  1. Glen Beck as an infected, vomitous dick?

    I love you guys sooo, so much.

  2. Thanks XOXO. We love you too.

    Although.... I was thinking that that tattoo was a throbbing veined infected vomitous marzipan Amanita Muscaria.

    My apologies to the owner of this fine tattoo and any connection I may have made with its likeness to Glen Beck.


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