Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another failed blog site...

As mentioned, this site just "hit the dust" and is no more after today. After the initial glee of being on Moonpie with Rick, I thought I might venture out on my own with something a litttle different. Cadillac Ranch and Muffler Shop was only different in one way: it had no visits, no followers and 0 comments. In other words, a failure in epic scale. I should have known, you can't do better than Moonpie. I will go sit in the corner for an hour now.

I did like the background.....

Post script: In my own defense, I tried to use this blog to direct others to Moonpie. My last post on this blog was March of this year featuring the Moonpie Gang and I did have a link to The Moonpie Chronicles. Oh well, back to the business of the "Pie".

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