Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daytona 500....

In America, several things in a persons life hold great emotional treasures and reverence....
..a persons wedding day, birth of your first child, seeing your first grandchild.

..and most of all, the Daytona 500! No wonder we are so goofy. America has embraced the sport of driving in circles.
I must comment at this time;
I would like Nascar to build a machine that can race in the rain, thus putting an end to rain-delays and cancelled races. Now hold on before you go off half-cocked... I mean really now, I watch motorcycles race at 150 mph on road tracks in the rain every weekend. LeMans and other open-wheel Indy cars race on wet pavement. What gives? For the love of God man, don't tell me the tire manufactures cannot develop a rain tire compound. Enough go and make it happen...before I really get mad.


  1. I'm sorry to say, but I like the chick in the Valentine's post waaaayyyyyy better than Nascar.

    Sorry. it's just that I'm awfully fond of........

  2. ...awfully fond of breasts and high heels? No shit....who isn't Rick. My next post about Nascar will have girls, boobs and ass cheeks a swingin'!


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