Friday, January 22, 2010

Stop the world and let me off........

SHHHHHHH, don't say a word. I found it! This single plant, well actually 23 of them has brought the world to a standstill in the Nations capitol. Ilex x verticillata "Red Sprite" Winterberry is required for a job on Nebraska Ave. (I'm not making this up)., in Washington, DC.
We must have put the incorrect variety of winterberry in and DDOT ( District Dept. of Transportation) is holding back $74,000.00 from the General contractor until this matter is resolved. We have not been paid for the job as well (our portion is only $9,400.00).
Just like Jim on "Wild Kingdom", I've tracked and snared my catch. Monday this will be over and the world can live as one again. Praise be to God!


  1. Dude, you look like you're holding a "Bucket of Shit Shrub." Relax!

    So what's the game plan? Rip out the others and replant?

  2. The Red Sprite Winterberry hides from it's prey in this hothouse, but you need Mutual of Omaha insurance for your protection.

  3. MARLIN PERKINS: "I'll hide safely in this bar on 'K' Street while Jim wrestles the deadly Winterberry. Right Jim?"

    JIM: "Right, Bobby."

    MARLIN: "Ummm....."

  4. Take it easy everyone....the world can live as one again. The correct shrubs have been installed and everyone can get paid now.

    That's correct Rick, the winterberry has red berries for it's protection but you need Mutual of Omaha for yor protection.

    Right Jim?

  5. According to Google Analytics, this was the last post before our big increase. We've been running an average of 100 hist per day since this one.

    We shall study it to see just what the fuck is going on.


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