Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cornhuskers, what are they good for....

Cornhuskers are a breed unto themselves. Only walking upright for the last 250 years, these creatures should be watched very carefully. Tom Powell, pictured on the right, was taken for a walk by a trained professional (don't try this at home) so he could fish for food. This creature was able to amass 35 pounds of fish without rod and reel. He simply shouted at the water and the fish died of a heart attack and floated to the surface. Last seen in Texas, Tom has completed his ABC's and learned to count to ten. "He's a dear friend and I'm glad he is getting the help he needs out at the ranch," said old friend Vance Deniston. "Tom and I were both born in Nebraska and we formed a kin-ship while living in New Mexico in the 70's," Vance continued. "I miss the 'ol chap."

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