Monday, November 9, 2009

Inter County Connector....Jobs we have

First day on the job at ICC section B. The project will be completed in two years and two days. Completion date, 11/11/11. This story will be updated every couple of weeks. Our contract is 7.2 million and growing. I love this shit!


  1. Way to destroy the wilderness, bro!

    What exactly is this place and what are you doing there? What is ICC?

  2. ICC is the Inter County Connector divided highway that will cut across Howard and Montgomery Counties in Maryland. I am there because I will be doing the "reforestation" and landscapeing on this project. The job was for 7.2 millon but is already closer to 8 milloin, that for landscaping alone! Big in the big guy. I was actually hired one year ago because of this job was on the horizon. So take it easy bro, I'll make everything "green" again.


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